powering a greener future

We develop award-winning solar and wind projects by utilising the very latest technologies.

Our renewable energy business cluster at Parc Stormy incorporates anaerobic digestion, wind and PV generation, ultra-low carbon cement production, and Cardiff University’s energy positive SOLCER House.

In addition to our work at Parc Stormy, we have developed or are in the process of developing a number of other solar and wind renewable energy projects.

A future generations project that integrates the generation of low cost sustainable electricity, using both solar and wind, Bridgend Energy Hub will deliver a 100,000 tons per year cut in carbon emissions whilst delivering a host of economic, environmental and transportation benefits to the community.
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Cil-lonydd Solar

Cil-lonydd Solar is an innovative renewable energy scheme that in addition to producing 35MW of clean, green energy will also bring a wide-range of benefits to the local community.
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CENIN is developing a solar farm at Parc Dyffryn near Cardiff in the Vale of Glamorgan. A unique and progressive renewable energy solar project that will produce a significant amount of sustainable energy and assist Wales’ goals in combating climate change and enhance the natural environment.
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Parc Stormy

CENIN’s renewable energy business cluster at Parc Stormy incorporates wind and solar generation anaerobic digestion, ultra-low carbon cement production and an example of an energy positive building in SOLCER House developed with Cardiff University.
“Wales is seeking low-carbon energy generation with the nation’s target of 1GW of locally owned energy production. Which we, as a Welsh developer are assisting to deliver. We know this change is driven both by Welsh Government’s ambition on tackling the climate challenge and promoting sustainability, exemplified by the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. As the costs of renewable energy generation continue to fall, householders and industry will soon, more and more, support the flexible and modern forms of energy generation. We are in a new global industrial era and we want to be at the forefront, Wales cannot be left behind.”
Martyn Popham
Director, CENIN

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