parc dyffryn

1.14 million tonne carbon reduction over the next 40 years

Newly created nature, cycling and walking trails

power for 20,000 homes per year

A unique and progressive renewable energy solar project

CENIN’s Parc Dyffryn will comprise a 65 MW Solar PV (which stands for photovoltaic) Farm, which is a series of rows of solar panels (similar to those commonly found on a house roof) mounted just off the ground on a frame and tiled either south or east-west, that convert energy in the form of light from the sun and turn it into electricity.

The electricity the panels generate is passed to a substation and then the local distribution network, or ‘grid’, via the power lines that cross the site and is then used in our homes and businesses.

CENIN’s Parc Dyffryn will also have a 30MWh energy balancing unit to store any surplus electricity the panels generate during daylight hours. This electricity can then be released at other times when it is needed to meet consumer demand and avoid the need for high carbon generation to be turned on.

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