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Our specialist mineral processing facility manufactures a range of sustainable mineral binders

Cenin SMB operates under ISO 9001 and 14001 and runs its own cement and concrete testing laboratory USING XRF testing. This allows us to continually monitor our products and processes ensuring tight controls on quality and product consistency.

Ingrained into Cenin SMB is the aim to deliver value to its customers by manufacturing high quality, consistent sustainable mineral binders.

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CENDRI is a consistent low carbon mineral drying agent designed to drive off high moisture contents in a wide range of materials whether mixed in situation or plant processed. CENDRI is manufactured using stringent quality control processes using our patented quality assurance process.

CENDRI offers a unique sustainable low carbon alternative to the traditional use of carbon intense Portland cement and lime. It is a cost-effective solution for use in a range of modern construction projects.


CENDRI have proven effective when used in-

  • Improving crushing, screening and processing of wet and dirty aggregates
  • Driving away and absorbing moisture.
  • Performance enhancer for trench arising and general fill materials.
  • Drying and improving mechanical properties for a range of materials
  • Increases the load bearing and trafficking of high moisture content materials.
  • Improves material strength when compacted.


Cenin sustainable binders are suitable for a range of applications.

It is specifically designed for the requirements of:

  • Precast concrete
  • Specialist projects
  • Grout formulation