CENIN announces plans for Parc Dyffryn


Parc Dyffryn is a unique and progressive renewable energy solar project that will produce a significant amount of sustainable energy, assist Wales’ goals in combating climate change and enhance the natural environment. Located in the Vale of Glamorgan, near its boundary with Cardiff, the estimated time for the site to be fully operational is Summer 2023.

Parc Dyffryn will provide:

1.14 million tonne carbon reduction over the next 40 years
65MW solar photovoltaic array
Pioneering electricity provision that will power in excess of 20,000 homes
Cutting edge Energy Balancing Units
30 hectares of woodland designated a natural Habitat Management Area
Newly created nature trails, bike paths and foot paths
30 local education points especially curated for Parc Dyffryn



Powering a greener future.