Cardiff Airport Planning Permission


Cardiff Airport has signed a joint agreement with CENIN for a 2MW solar PV farm that will form part of the former’s Environmental Flight Path and drive to Net Carbon success.

It will be built within the boundaries of the airport, and provide power to the business via a private wire, with any surplus energy exported to the national grid.

The director of airport planning and development at Cardiff Airport Mark Bailey said that it was “hugely exciting to see this project come to life”.

“We’re proud to be working in partnership with a Welsh business who bring with them expert knowledge and a wealth of experience needed to develop this project on our site. When it’s complete it will deliver massive carbon reductions and power the Airport.”

The solar farm will allow the airport to reduce it’s carbon emissions by approximately 860 tonnes a year. This will allow them to save 20,508 tonnes over the next 25 years.

New Solar PV Farm to be installed onsite at Cardiff Airport



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