powering a greener future

We are a renewable, integrated, infrastructure company, committed to powering a greener future.

Through our innovative approach to renewable energy provision, we unlock hidden green energy potential and utilise the earth’s natural resources.

We respect the people we work with and the places they live, helping develop quality energy systems for local communities that increase wellbeing and add value for future generations by creating a sustainable world.

In 2021, our work in sustainable development was recognised with CENIN being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Future Wales: The National Plan 2040

At CENIN we fully endorse and embrace the recommendations of Welsh Government’s development plan for Wales, which sets out a number of key goals we need to achieve by 2040. Where possible, we make sure all of our plans and proposals take these goals into account, in particular creating a Wales where…

– People live and work in connected, inclusive and healthy places that everyone can be a part of.

– Travel is sustainable.

– Places manage natural resources and reduce pollution.

– There are biodiverse, resilient and connected ecosystems.

– People live in places that are decarbonised (create less carbon pollution).

You can download the full summary document below.

Our Renewable Energy Projects

Bridgend Energy Hub
A future generations project that integrates the generation of low cost sustainable electricity, using both solar and wind, Bridgend Energy Hub will deliver a 100,000 tons per year cut in carbon emissions whilst delivering a host of economic, environmental and transportation benefits to the community.
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Parc Dyffryn
CENIN is developing a solar farm at Parc Dyffryn near Cardiff in the Vale of Glamorgan. A unique and progressive renewable energy solar project that will produce a significant amount of sustainable energy and assist Wales’ goals in combating climate change and enhance the natural environment.
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Cil-lonydd Solar
Cil-lonydd Solar is an innovative renewable energy scheme that in addition to producing 35MW of clean, green energy will also bring a wide-range of benefits to the local community.
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Parc Stormy
CENIN’s renewable energy business cluster at Parc Stormy incorporates wind and solar generation anaerobic digestion, ultra-low carbon cement production and an example of an energy positive building in SOLCER House developed with Cardiff University.
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Manmoel Wind
CENIN is submitting a planning application for a wind scheme on Manmoel Common. Full assessments are underway and we are likely to enter the ‘Developments of National Significance’ (DNS) process.
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Llanwonno Wind
CENIN were granted planning permission for wind turbines to be installed at Llanwonno, near Porth in the Rhondda. CENIN is in the process of ordering the turbines and preparing to build the site.
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Home Farm
CENIN has completed the construction of Home Farm 3MW solar array in West Cardiff.
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Cardiff Airport
It is estimated that the solar farm will provide a carbon reduction of approximately 20,508 tonnes over the next 25 years – a saving of roughly 860 tonnes per year.
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Our commitment to the communities in which we work

Central to all of the projects we undertake is a commitment to ensuring we provide benefit to the communities in which we operate. You can find out how we do this in our explanatory video or by contacting a member of the CENIN team.

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"All of our projects, employees and contracted partners embrace our vision for a greener future. Our projects work to meet our set infrastructure, energy and sustainability goals in the communities we work in, and for our stakeholders"
Martyn Popham
Director, CENIN

The Energy Trilemma

All of our projects aim to provide the perfect balance of sustainability, security and affordability, challenge more commonly known as The Energy Trilemma.

Find out more about this by watching this video…