We are CENIN, a Welsh-based, family-owned business that believes in creating a cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come.

We do this through the development of integrated energy systems and the production of a range of sustainable cement and binders.

Our innovative approach to creating our first integrated energy system at Parc Stormy was recognised with the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development.

The Opportunity for Wales

We believe that the transition to renewable energy is essential for ensuring a sustainable, secure, and healthy future, leaving behind the Wales we want for generations to come.
This video from Renewable UK Cymru highlights a number of ways that Wales can benefit from the transition to a net zero world…


Helping future generations understand the need for changes in the way we live is essential if we are to realise our vision of a greener, more sustainable future.

Through our free educational visits we aim to help young people make informed decisions and adopt sustainable practices that can mitigate the adverse effects of global warming.

This knowledge not only fosters a sense of responsibility towards the environment but also equips young people with the skills and awareness needed to advocate for actions that protect our natural world.

"All of our projects, employees and contracted partners embrace our vision for a greener future. Our projects work to meet our set infrastructure, energy and sustainability goals in the communities we work in, and for our stakeholders"
Martyn Popham
Director, CENIN


Central to all of the projects we undertake is a commitment to ensuring we provide benefit to the communities in which we operate. You can find out how we do this in our explanatory video or by contacting a member of the CENIN team.
“If working apart we are a force powerful to destabilise our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it…in my lifetime I’ve witnessed a terrible decline. In yours, you could and should witness a wonderful recovery.”
Sir David Attenborough
Broadcaster & Biologist

Parc Stormy

Our Parc Stormy Site was a dilapidated brownfield site that we have redeveloped into an integrated site accommodating a cluster of interconnected renewable energy technologies.
The concept is modelled on Güssing, Austria, where a vibrant local economy has been created using renewable energy, natural resources and the reuse of waste materials.
In 2021 our work at Parc Stormy was recognised with the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development.