powering a greener future



We develop award winning Solar and Wind projects by utilising the very latest technologies.

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Our specialist mineral processing facility manufactures a range of sustainable mineral binders.



Engaging with local communities and best serving their needs is at the heart of what we do.

CENIN IS A renewable INTEGRATED INFRASTRUCTURE company committed to powering a greener future

Through our innovative approach to renewable energy provision, we unlock hidden green energy potential and utilise the earth’s natural resources.

We respect the people we work with and the places they live, helping develop quality energy systems for local communities that increase wellbeing and add value for future generations by creating a sustainable world.

In 2021, our work in sustainable development was recognised with CENIN being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.


Central to all of the projects we undertake is a commitment to ensuring we provide benefit to the communities in which we operate. You can find out how we do this in our explanatory video or by contacting a member of the CENIN team.

"CENIN is an infrastructure and renewable energy company whose projects, employees and contracted partners all embrace our vision for a greener future. Our projects work to meet our set infrastructure, energy and sustainability goals in the communities we work in and for our stakeholders"
Martyn Popham
Director, CENIN