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Cement Carbon Reduction Rating
Considered to be one of the most significant sources of worldwide CO2 emissions, the cement industry is largely committed to a transition to a low carbon economy and has already adopted more efficient manufacturing processes and is actively promoting the use of alternative supplementary materials.
A number of low carbon cements are currently being developed and commercialised and these are essential for a more sustainable future for the cement industry. 
At Cenin Limited we believe that the new generation of environmentally friendly cements has to address its deliverables in an efficient, transparent and measurable manner.
For this reason Cenin has developed a new benchmark for the cement industry designed to assess the carbon reduction of cementitious products. The Cement Carbon Reduction Rating aim is to support our stakeholders to measure and improve the environmental impact performance of cementitious products.
The Cement Carbon Reduction Rating, which Cenin has adopted, assesses the carbon footprint of cementitious products aimed at:
  • Establishing a standard system able to measure the carbon impact of cementitious products
  • Assessing the lifecycle emissions profile and carbon footprint of cementitious materials in comparison with Portland cement.
  • Raising awareness of the benefits and properties of low carbon cements
  • Guiding industry stakeholders towards sustainable alternatives
The Cement Carbon Reduction Rating demonstrates how little carbon Cenin CenCrete range generates
By developing the Cement Carbon Reduction Rating, Cenin's ultimate goal is to have this rating adopted by other companies and to establish it as an industry standard for low carbon cements.