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Cenin and Sustainability
Cenin Limited is proud to be a pioneer towards a greener cement industry and we continually strive to ensure our products share considerable environmental benefits with all stakeholders.
Sustainability is at the heart of everything Cenin does and we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the cement and concrete industries.

We promote resource efficiency by reducing the use of virgin raw materials whilst maximising the usage of renewable energy. This allows our customers to benefit from the low carbon status of our cementitious products and thus lowering their carbon footprint and the overall environmental impact of cementitious products.

Our ultra low carbon cement manufacturing process meets the PAS2050 low carbon emissions standard assessment procedure. Acording to a third party assessment, the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our most sustainable product, CenEcoCrete,  cradle to gate are equivalent to 43kg of CO2 per tonne of product whilst the emissions associated with conventional Portland cement production are roughly 900 kg of CO2 per tonne of cement.

Cenin's manufacturing process is powered by renewable energy sources managed by Cenin Renewables.  This is one of the major contributors to the low carbon status of our cementitious products which can have up to 95% less carbon emissions than Portland cement.

All power used on site is generated from our own 0.735MW solar panel farm and 1.5MW wind turbine. The combined energy production of these far exceeds the load of our facilities allowing us to run our site completely from renewable energy.