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Cenin Fly Ash
A high Quality beneficiated fly ash designed for use in general ready-mix concrete and precast concrete applications.

Cenin Fly Ash is predominantly a fine powder of mainly spherical, glassy particles, derived from burning of pulverised coal. It is produced by a combination of carbon reduction, selection and blending in our adequate production plants.

It is suitable as a type 11 addition as it is a finely divided inorganic material having pozzolanic and latent hydraulic properties, it may be added to the concrete in order to improve certain properties or to achieve special properties.


Cenin Fly Ash is a factory produced fly ash. It can be combined with BS EN 197-1 Type CEM 1 at the concrete mixing plant to establish an equivalent performance of combinations concept.

It is specifically designed for the requirements of:

  • Ready mix concrete
  • Precast concrete
  • Specialist projects
  • Grout formulation


Cenin Product Data Sheet
Cenin Product Data Sheet