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Cenpave Low Carbon Cement Range
Cenpave Low Carbon Cement is a highly consistent low carbon cement product especially designed to compliment recycled aggregates usage in construction adding strength and controlling all important moisture contents during processing and placement.
It is a fine powder, white in colour having hydraulic and/or pozzolanic properties equivalent performance criteria to BS13282-1 with enhanced features especially suited complimenting recycled aggregates and recycled fill materials in placement whilst adding strength to the fill material and allowing producers to control ever varying moisture levels during processing.
Cenpave Low Carbon Cement is a quality product verified by third party UKAS accredited laboratories.
The Cenpave range has excellent cementitious properties. Cenin Limited's careful selection of clinker, raw materials and its advanced monitoring & control process assures the highest product quality and consistency.
The Cenpave range is a highly consistent and sustainable cost effective alternative to Portland cement. It contains a controlled blend of Portland cement clinker and up to 50% of quality supplementary cementitious materials giving it improved properties. Cenpave has been specifically designed to work with recycled aggregates and aggregate processing facilities - absorbing moisture and hydraulically and chemically binding materials together. It was specifically designed for the requirements of:
  • Rapid Setting Hydraulic Road Binders
  • Hydraulically Bound Mixtures
  • Cement Bound Materials
  • Performance enhancer for trench arising
  • In situ and Plant Batched mixing operations
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