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Gary Hunt
Gary Hunt’s career in the cement and concrete industry started in 1984 as a production operative. Gary is now Cenin Limited's Technical Director and leads the patented quality control system as well as all product development projects. 
Following his interest in cement chemistry, Gary focused his career on research into the chemistry of a wide range of industrial materials. As a result of the process and research carried out, Gary Hunt was made Honorary Visiting Research Fellow at Cardiff University. Gary’s research has also conferred a national award to Cardiff University from the Department of Trade and Industry in 2004. During this time, Gary was also a managing director of Environmental & Industrial Evaluations Limited, a research and development
company set up to work alongside the research being carried out at Cardiff University.
Gary’s research has led to the development of a patented technology currently commercialised by Cenin Limited, a company established in 2006 with Martyn Popham.
Gary has broad experience in concrete design, manufacturing, cement chemistry and applications. An expert and enthusiast in cement chemistry Gary is also an active member of Guide Point Global, an international consulting network of industry experts and executives with whom he speaks regularly at international conferences.