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Martyn Popham
Martyn Popham started his early career in Civil Engineering where he gained extensive experience in shuttered concrete and the use of composite cements. 
In  1989, Martyn owned and operated a very successful regional ready-mix concrete business which rapidly expanded. Martyn opened a limestone quarry and sand wharf to complete the vertical integration of the business.
Martyn has always had a particular interest in sustainable development and becoming aware of Gary Hunt’s technology developments
in cement manufacturing, led to the opportunity to form a business to commercialise the process. Cenin Limited, Cenin Cement’s parent company, was then established in 2006.
As Managing Director, Martyn has been responsible for all commercial aspects of the business and brings considerable experience as a cement buyer and ready-mix concrete producer.
Martyn is regarded as a concrete enthusiast in the industry and regularly speaks at international conferences discussing cement industry technology and sustainability matters.