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Cenin Limited is part of Cenin Holdings along with Cenin Cement Technology and Cenin Renewables.  
Cenin Limited was established in 2006 in Wales with the aim to commercialise a patented technology developed by Gary Hunt.
Cenin Cement and Cenin Technologies are the trading names of Cenin Limited:
  • Cenin Cement is the cement manufacturer and supplier arm of Cenin Limited, supplying a range of cementitious products designed to be highly sustainable and highly consistent 
  • Cenin Cement Technology develops and commercially explores the patented technology behind Cenin Cement and its products. 
Cenin Renewables operates alongside Cenin Limited and has a strategy of investment in renewable energy sources such as wind, photovoltaic (PV) and anaerobic digestion. Cenin Renewables manages all of the power used in Cenin Cement’s plant.
Martyn Popham
Martyn Popham started his early career in Civil Engineering where he gained extensive experience in shuttered concrete and the use of composite cements....read more