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Cenin Cement Technology
Cenin Technical Services provide an independent laboratory testing and analysis service to their customers in a wide range of sectors, from ready mixed concrete, block manufacturing to contaminated waste treatments (including treatments of oils).  We offer Quality Assurance, Environmental Agency approved methodology, compliance testing and process monitoring, ensuring the highest standards, compliance and cost control.

Our XRD and XRF technologies allow our customers to benefit from chemical and physical analysis for their materials and our products. We are able to supply these services at our Head Office in Bridgend or we can send one of our mobile Laboratory Testing Units and Technicians to offer continuous monitoring and testing services where needed.
Physical Concrete Testing 
We offer our customers assistance and guidance in a full range of mix designs and cube testing.  For larger projects this service can be made mobile anywhere in the UK for specific projects or as a continuous quality assurance system, at our site in Bridgend.
Cement and Mortar Testing
Physical testing of cement and mortar comprising of setting times, strength and expansion. Chemical analysis reports for performance comparisons and monitoring using XRD and XRF technologies. 
Chemical Testing and Monitoring 
We own and operate both the latest XRD and XRF X Ray technologies. These machines carryout X-Ray Diffraction for chemical compounds, X-Ray Fluorescence for Elemental Analysis, which are essential to our chemical engineering capabilities and solutions that we offer our customers. These are used extensively for all chemical testing and performance trials that we do for various sectors of industry, enhancing cement performance testing and waste recovery methods.  This reduces the environmental impact and in most cases, reduces costs in a wide variety of industries treating or reducing waste products and their impact.
Ground and Material Stabilisation Testing and Monitoring  
We offer pre-project testing solutions measuring contaminants, strength and immobilisation techniques, through to proving trials, ongoing Quality Assurance, compliance and on-site mobile lab testing.  Our team has a cost effective solution to meet your needs.  These can be bespoke and deployed anywhere in the UK.