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Innovating Cement Manufacturing
At Cenin Limited we understand cement and more importantly what our customers want. Our products are produced to be highly consistent and we welcome visits to our plant to demonstrate this and how this can benefit you as a customer. This is only possible due to the extensive research and field proven technology supported by Cenin Technology’s patented advanced quality control system and analytical lab situated on site. 

Cenin Limited brings together traditional cement manufacturing techniques, using principals of grinding and blending of the constituent minerals whilst using our advanced patented quality monitoring and control system. This allows us to ensure the highest product quality and consistency. Additionally Cenin Limited's manufacturing process is designed to be highly sustainable and the manufacturing plant is powered using renewable energy.  The renewable energy sources are provided by Cenin Renewables.

The Production Process
The manufacturing process operated by Cenin Limited combines traditional cement manufacturing techniques with Cenin Cement Technology, an advanced patented quality monitoring and control system.
Carefully selected raw materials are delivered to Cenin Limited in bulk tankers and are stored in silos. Our cement is produced by grinding a blend of cement clinker along with carefully selected supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) according to production requirements. These are highly beneficial to the end product as they improve cement properties and performance as well as dramatically reducing CO2 emissions linked to the manufacturing process. 
All raw materials including clinkers are processed by a vertical roller mill or ball mill. The milled raw materials go through a quality control process before being used in blends to produce the finished product. Consistency is achieved through Cenin Cement Technology's advanced patented quality monitoring & control system.
The blends are stored in finished product silos and final inspection and testing is carried out before being dispatched in bulk by Cenin Limited dedicated tanker' fleet. Consistency and transparency are two of our key pillars and it is our unique Monitoring & Control System that allows us to keep our promise:
All raw materials are not only carefully sourced but undergo a thorough analytical process. 
Each load we deliver is individually tested and this data is made available to the customer.